We need an assembly member who will Fight for what our district needs:  Relief for our homeless, water for
our farmers, s
olutions for transport, 
and Fairness for immigrants  

Join me, to make the Central Valleya place where everyone can succeed.

Farming / Water

Agriculture is one of the Central Valley’s  key industries. I will work at the Capital to cut through the red tape that is preventing the development of new reservoirs for our farmers. 


My priorities are funding improvements for the 120/99 interchange, adding to the Valley Link Regional Rail Authority, and ensuring efficient connections to BART / regional airports.

Respect for Immigrants

Fighting for immigrant rights is a priority because of their integral value to our farming economy and the moral imperative to keep families together. As an Immigrant I know and understand what it means to be one. 


Kathy MillerSan Joaquin County Supervisors

Susan Dell'OssoDell’Osso Farms andCompanies

Susan EggmanCalifornia State Assembly Member

Paid and Authorized by the Committee to Elect Paul Akinjo for CA Assembly District 12

960 Waterman Ave Lathrop, CA 95330